Hand Screen Printed

Immerse yourself in the fusion of two worlds with our Hand Screen Printed Cotton and Viscose fabrics, where tradition intertwines with contemporary sensibilities. These fabrics embody the richness of two distinct fibers, both chosen for their unique attributes. Cotton, with its enduring comfort and breathable quality, and viscose, known for its soft, silky touch and splendid drape, come together to create the epitome of elegance.

Every piece of our collection showcases the meticulous process of hand screen printing. The hands of seasoned artisans breathe life into each design, resulting in motifs that are both intricate and vibrant. These patterns, imprinted with love and precision, transform the fabric into a canvas of art, echoing tales of dedication and passion.

For the discerning woman, our fabrics offer more than just material. They provide an experience—a blend of comfort, luxury, and style. Whether you’re crafting a casual day outfit or an evening ensemble, our Hand Screen Printed Cotton and Viscose fabrics promise to drape you in grace and uniqueness.

Step into the realm of authentic craftsmanship and modern allure. Wear stories, wear art, wear timeless elegance.